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Windows Explorer

If you don't want to install any additional client software on your computer, but you still want to batch-download files then don't worry: Basic file downloading can be done right in the Windows Explorer.

Getting the remote URL

Log into the nextcloud website via Then click on Files settings in the bottom left corner.

This will bring up a small pop-up menu. Scroll down to the WebDAV section and copy the link provided there. It will be needed in the next step.

Setting up the connection

Next, open up the Windows Explorer, right-click This PC in the menu bar on the left and select Map network drive....

This will open a new window. Paste the URL you copied during the first step into the Folder field, select a drive letter of your choice and click on Finish. Windows will then attempt to connect to the file share.

During this process you will be asked for your username (which is patreonuser-XXXXXX or simply your email address) and password again.

Once the connection has been established, a new Explorer window will open up, showing the contents of the nextcloud file share.


Do not use files directly out of this remote file share as it will lead to very poor performance and high server load. Please download the files to local storage instead.

Downloading files

At this point, you can copy files from the shared folder by simply dragging them into any other directory, as you would from an external hard drive or USB stick. I recommend creating a dediated local directory for ambientCG files and recreating the directory structure of the remote share. This makes it easy to integrate other resolutions assets later on without any confusion.

Windows may show a warning regarding the fact that you are downloading files from the internet which you can confirm by clicking OK.