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By pledging 3€ or more on Patreon you can get access to an exclusive nextcloud-based cloud service: It expands you your experience with ambientCG in multiple ways:

  • Access new assets before they become public for everyone else.
  • Batch-download parts of the ambientCG collection (or all of it if you want), so that you can use them without manually downloading them from the website.
  • Import materials and other assets straight into your application with pre-made native assets, currently available for Blender and Godot.

Getting Access

You gain access to by pledging on Patreon.

Shortly after pleding you will receive an invitation email from ambientCG access ( on the email address associated with your Patreon account.

In it is a link that allows you to create you account on

"I didn't get that email..."

If you don't receive an invitation email within a few hours of signing up make sure that you are in a Patreon Tier that has the Nextcloud perk and that the email didn't land in the spam folder. Then get in touch via Patreon Messages or hello[at]

After logging in you can find the folder Assets right at the start.


Trying to batch-download a large volume of files (like an entire category) via the web-browser is not recommended due to extremely poor performance. Luckily, there are multiple more stable alternatives:

Set up faster, more reliable downloading from Nextcloud