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Asset types

The site offers several different types of 3D assets. You can select them using the dropdown on the /list page.

Type Description Example
Material (PBR) A material with PBR maps. Material Example
Atlas (PBR) A set of individual objects contained in a single material. Atlas Example
Decal (PBR) A decal that can be applied on top of other materials. Decal Example
Photo Texture (Plain) A plain photo texture without PBR maps. Photo Texture Example
Substance A packaged Substance graph. Can be played in Substance Player or other compatible software. Substance Example
HDRI An unclipped spherical (equirectangular) panorama used for intricate lighting scenarios. HDRI Example
3D Model A 3D model. 3D Model Example
Terrain A piece of terrain used for quickly building landscapes. Terrain Example