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PBR Materials in Blender

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Basic Setup

This is a node basic setup for adding a PBR material to Blender. This demo uses Manhole Cover 004 because is has all the relevant PBR maps.



Microdisplacement Setup

Microdisplacement allows you to displace the geometry of the mesh based on the material's displacement map.

Microdisplacement requires a lot more resources than using a normal map.

image-1653129050331.pngStart by enabling the Experimental feature set.


image-1653129082574.pngThen add a Subdivision modifier to your mesh, enable Adaptive Subdivision and set the mode to Simple.


Then replace the Normal map with the Displacement map and add a Displacement Node.


When enabling rendered view you can now see that the geometry has been displaced by the displacement map. The effect has been exaggerated in this image to make the effect more obvious.