Nextcloud Access

What do I get with the special access?

With the special access you can download all assets of ambientCG using a desktop application. This makes it much easier than clicking your way through the website. You will also get access to all the materials that are done but that haven’t been published on the site.

How does the special access work?

If you sign up to the ambientCG Patreon page with the right tier you will get an account on You can simply log in via the website and start browsing the files. But you can also download all or some of the files automatically. More information on how to do it can be found below.

Getting the credentials & Logging in

You will get the credentials automatically via the email address associated with your Patreon account.

If you don’t get an email from please go to and write me a short message. You can also write to if you prefer, but using Patreon for this makes it easier.

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