3D Photogrammetry

Capturing process



I create the photos for 3D scans in an Amazon Basics Mobile Photo Studio (which I use without the front curtain).

Initially I would just place the objects on the ground in inside it, but despite the uniform lighting the objects still showed noticeable shadows near the ground. For that reason I have copied an approach from Kevin Parry’s Fruit stopmotion video and added a plexiglas pane to remove all shadows.

This is what the full setup looks like. Instead of placing the target on a turntable I instead rotate the object itself which has the same effect. The white background ensures that the software has nothing else to track and therefore resolves only the target object.

The full setup while shooting bread.


The fact that I have to reach into the box makes it impossible to close the front curtain. To counteract this I place my Nanguang LuxPad 23 right below the camera to replace the light that would normally be reflected from the white curtain.


Support light turned off.